• Kristen Murphy

Guess Who's Back

Hello? Anyone out there? Do people still read these things?

I feel so out of the loop y'all. It has been so long since I have hopped on this little blog of mine. Like years. Literally, years!

Seriously, we have had a foster baby come and go...and a new one enter our home since then...and even a few more respite placements in between.

This space has always been so comfy to me, refreshing, therapeutic even. Why I always make it the first thing to go when life gets crazy? I have no flippin' clue.

Here's the thing, I feel like as a mom, me time is the least important. I know, I know. When we take time to ourselves and all that jazz, it makes us better moms and wives. I get it, but when life gets cray cray and I choose to do things for me, who is gonna wipe butts and catch puke mid-air. Real glamorous but someone has to do it, right?

I guess when I say that I haven't got a clue why I said bye bye to the's a big fat lie. I know exactly why I did it. I did it to make more time for the family. I wanted to do more crafts and cook more dinners and play more games.

You guys! Do you know how much more stuff got done with everyone while I was MIA? Not one darn thing.

There is so much pressure to DO DO DO.

There's school and fieldtrips. Holidays and Elves on the shelves and Easter Bunnies and Santa and Leprachauns and Cupid and, and, and... There's soccer and dance and karate and singing and sewing.

Then dishes and laundry and toilets to scrub.

We've got meetings and conferences. There's work. There's date nights...or the lack there of because y'all we do more in a day than we can fit on a to do list. Yet when the day is done it feels like nothing got done.

What on earth are we doing?

The answer is simple. We are providing a home and a life full of experience for our kids. We are making memories. One day we will look back in shock that we did all of this. Right now though, right now we get to make the memories. We get to stand next to eachother and complain that we are tired. We are SO TIRED...and then we can tell the million beautiful reasons why we are falling asleep while sipping our 6th coffee of the day.

I seem all over the place, dont I? Isn't that how our brains work though? One second we are saying that we don't have time to do something. The next moment, we say we are making time to do nothing. Somehow we go from, "it is too much to do" all the way to "I want to do more".

The truth of it is that even though these days are so L....O.....N...G, the years really are short. So we put on our 100 different hats (that we have left over from the 100th day of school project) and push through. If I'm being honest, I secretly...or not so secretly love every exhausting moment of it.

This blog is a place to capture all of it. To put it somewhere that I can come back and look at all the memories we made. The crafts, the meals, the adventures, the pure chaos that we are enjoying in this season of our life.

What I guess I am saying is Lions and Lace is back.

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