• Kristen Murphy

It's Official

Five Hundred and Seventy Three days ago, we picked up the sweetest baby boy from the hospital. As congratulations flooded in, it was not a day we celebrated. We were overwhelmed with love for this baby boy that we had only just met but also heartbroken over the loss that he and his birth parents were facing.

Our hearts broke again when parental rights were terminated. The emotions in foster care are tricky. Love and joy of parenting are met with brokeness.

Adoption though, it brings restoration. Not fixing or healing but beauty rising up from ashes. The day we adopt, is a day to celebrate. We still are filled with sadness over the breaking down of a biological family but we are so overjoyed that through the Gospel we were shown that blood is not the only way to make a family. We adopt because we were first adopted. We were shown that love conquers all.

Family truly is more than blood. It is love. It is forever.

Today, today Dayton Noel Murphy is the beginning of our forever. One that is shared between biological family, adopted family and friends who are family. All coming along side you to watch you grow and help you to succeed. Today we celebrate.

...And show the world the boy we loved before we met.

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